Sunday, November 20, 2011

Calibrating the Eye-Tracker

Ami Klin is making a fundamental mistake in emphasizing early autistic attention towards objects. When autistic toddlers line up toys, they're not intrigued by the toys—they're intrigued by the line.


Larry Arnold PhD FRSA said...

Ami Klin has made a lot of fundamental mistakes elsewhere, so what's new? What he fails to understand is the nature of those phenomena he witnesses because he imbues them either with no meaning or his own.

Alan Griswold said...

Larry, I generally agree with you. Although I think Dr. Klin has made a few worthwhile observations about autism (see my next post), his prejudice against the condition seems to have prevented him from making any constructive use of those observations. I'm reminded of the saying about the blind squirrel who stumbles upon an acorn. The question is, what happens when the blind squirrel doesn't know what to do with what he's found?