Monday, November 21, 2011

A Balanced Approach

I will say this much in defense of Ami Klin. His description of autistic perceptual characteristics comes with a corresponding (and fairly accurate) description of non-autistic perceptual characteristics, along with an appreciation for the merit and deeply ingrained nature of those characteristics (see for instance the answer to the next-to-last question here). This is an approach I wish the Mottron research team would seriously consider. Indeed, if we could combine the best of Ami Klin's observations and Laurent Mottron's research and ideas, we might arrive at an informative and mutually clarifying description for these two fundamental forms of human perception. But alas, blind spots continue to be the norm within autism research.

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Larry Arnold PhD FRSA said...

It won't happen because the science is inconsistent, I'd be tempted to say that none of it is science at all.