Monday, August 15, 2011

An Empty Glass

Sally Ozonoff, discussing her recent study in Pediatrics that demonstrates the chances of developing autism are about 1 in 5 for the younger siblings of those already diagnosed with autism, makes it all too clear where she and her fellow researchers stand on the relative value of autistic individuals:

"These findings are much higher than any of us anticipated, but the flip side is that over 80% of these children did not develop autism," says Ozonoff. "That is really important for these families to hang on to. The glass is still more than half full."

Sally Ozonoff has spent nearly the entirety of her adult life demonstrating that the one subject she does not understand is autism, and yet she feels qualified enough to opine to the entire world that autistic individuals are worth less than their non-autistic peers. Arrogance is too weak a word to describe what is going on here.

Autism research is by and large a good thing. Autism researchers, however, are mostly evil.

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jonathan said...

It's neurodiversity idealogues such as yourself who don't understand autism and don't understand that statements such as Ozonoff's are not demeaning these children or saying they are worth less than nonhandicapped children. Only saying it is a fortunate thing that the siblings did not become autistic and handicapped and were not able to lead a life that a nonhandicapped person such as yourself takes for granted.

It is you, Mottron, Gernsbacher and the other ND's who are the epitomy of evil.