Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eloquent Words

Be sure to catch the recent interview of Ari Ne'eman in Wired magazine. While I do not agree with everything Mr. Ne'eman has to say, he does present an eloquent and positive message about the aspirations of autistic individuals, while at the same time being realistic about their ongoing needs.

I have previously noted some concerns about ASAN's methods and policies, and in many ways, Mr. Ne'eman's interview in Wired demonstrates the importance of Mr. Ne'eman and ASAN being open to such questions and criticisms. Mr. Ne'eman and his organization are clearly capable of being a catalyst for constructive change in the community, and thus it is essential that they accept these abilities and responsibilities with courage, wisdom and honesty. When ASAN's actions consistently match the eloquence of Mr. Ne'eman's words, autistic individuals will then have a valuable advocate indeed.

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jonathan said...

ari ne'eman is a 22 year old (21 at the time) kid who had never worked but has given advice for dealing with the workplace. Until he can stop making himself out as an expert on topics he does not know from shoe polish, he will never ben an effective advocate.

It is time for Mr. Ne'eman to go out into the real world and get a real job rather than pursuing a career as a "professional autistic"