Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello Again

This most recent pause in the blog posts was not planned—I broke my left hand in late November and have found it difficult to create new entries in the mean time. (It’s odd: I once was an inveterate hunt-and-pecker, but now I can’t seem to compose a meaningful sentence without complete use of all fingers on all hands.) I’m nearly on the mend now and should be able to begin posting again shortly.

A thank you to Steve D and Fleecy for their recent mentions of Autistic Aphorisms. Both their blogs by the way are informative, thoughtful and well-written; if you haven’t taken a look already, please do so.

And a belated Happy New Year to everyone!


jypsy said...

Welcome back!
Better luck in 2009...

Fleecy said...

I'm sorry your hand is broken.
When I can't use both hands to type (or sometimes when the keyboard is not working properly), I use an "onscreen keyboard" function with the mouse. It's kind of slow, but it works if there's something I absolutely have to get done right then.

I hope your broken hand isn't also your dominant, not being able to use your dominant hand can make everything (using a fork comes to mind) difficult and pretty frustrating after awhile.