Friday, August 20, 2010

Some Housekeeping

A couple quick notes, while I have the chance:

In addition to the posts from Kerry Magro that I have mentioned previously, Autism Speaks has published in recent weeks a near rash of additional accounts coming straight from autistic individuals. There have been at least two posts by Lydia Wayman and another by Dave Beukers. All have been well written and highly informative about the autistic experience, and I greatly recommend them.

With these recent posts and a few other small initiatives involving autistic individuals, I'm almost beginning to believe that it has suddenly dawned on Autism Speaks what “in their own words” actually means. Of course, none of this quite atones for the rest of Autism Speaks' many sins, but I do want to give the organization credit where credit is due.

On a more personal note, there has been little blogging here of late (not to mention, all my other writing has come to a halt as well), and that likely will continue for at least another month or so. My most recent work assignment has become intense, taking more time than usual, and until matters ease I'll have to remain content with being a quiet spectator in the world of autism debate, rather than the surly participant I would much rather be. In the mean time, however, please have a good end to the summer.


Adelaide Dupont said...

Some wonderful housekeeping there.

While I'm a fan of the writer of Autistic Speaks (she wrote the two posts of which you speak: the list of tens in both cases), I find Beuker's post rather more challenging. That's probably because I've just "met" him and am getting a feel for his writing.

I see that he walks for the walks.

The "person-first"/"person-free" language Beukers talks about is covering ground we've seen and heard and felt before.

Enjoyed reading "Autistic Songs", a nice bite-size collection of thoughts. Some of which I recognise from "Aphorisms", some of which are completely new.

No, it doesn't atone for many sins.

One of the internship posts talked about investing in and keeping fine talent.

And to think it was last year that landmark [? !] film was released.

Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg said...

I dunno. It's one thing for Autism Speaks to (selectively) post stuff written by autistics. It's another thing for them to actually listen to us. I'm not convinced that there's any listening going on at all. In fact, I get the feeling that it's just more smoke and mirrors. I guess with an organization like Autism Speaks, I'm going to need to see some actual action on our behalf that doesn't include hand wringing.