Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Futuristic Vision

I can see where this co-authorship thing is heading. One day in the not too distant future a paper will appear entitled Today, consisting of a single sentence: “We did some stuff.” The authorship list will comprise the names of the six billion some human inhabitants of this planet, and the paper will be published in the journal Nature, which seems to have a hankering for these things. Everyone can then go about their business of applying for tenure, comfortable in the knowledge it will not be denied.

I hope that day comes soon; in fact, it cannot arrive fast enough. Because then maybe someone—anyone—will finally feel free enough to develop an idea on his own.

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The author said...

I did some stuff today as well, I might even do some tomorrow.

It's about time people stop taking these studies seriously,

It's like discovering the ark one week, finding it to be fake the next and genuine again the week after that, in the meantime more idols of ganesh are seen to be drinking the milk.