Monday, May 3, 2010

What Self-Constructed Means

Let me be clear: when Harold Doherty uses the latest CDC autism prevalence reports to support his oft-repeated claim that 75-80% of individuals with Autistic Disorder have an intellectual disability, he is fabricating that statistic. The CDC reports show no such thing.

Mr. Doherty “arrives” at his number by taking statistics applied to the entire autism spectrum, then waves his magic wand over the number of Asperger's cases that should be excluded, and voilà, out pops the 75-80% figure. That's a self-constructed (fabricated) statistic.

As I have offered to Mr. Doherty before, he can show me to be wrong (and earn my apology) simply by providing two items—his math and the data he used from the CDC prevalence reports. So far Mr. Doherty has declined to do either. Anyone want to take a guess as to why?

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