Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nice Try!

Here is a recently published autism research article:

Offering to Share: How to Put Heads Together in Autism Neuroimaging (M. Belmonte, J. Mazziotta, N. Minshew, A. Evans, E. Courchesne, S. Dager, S. Bookheimer, E. Aylward, D. Amaral, R. Cantor, D. Chugani, A. Dale, C. Davatzikos, G. Gerig, M. Herbert, J. Lainhart, D. Murphy, J. Piven, A. Reiss, R. Schultz, T. Zeffiro, S. Levi-Pearl, C. Lajonchere, S. Colamarino, 2008).

I cling to some doubts that the autism research community can one day produce a report in which the list of authors exceeds the length of the report itself, but this was one hell of a good effort!

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