Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pocket Full of Posies

Here we have the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, with an editorial board that includes N. Minshew, P. Szatmari, G. Anderson, M. Ghaziuddin, T. Charman, and H. Tager-Flusberg, publishing articles by G. Dawson, H. Tager-Flusberg, T. Charman, A. Bailey, P. Szatmari, L. Mottron, N. Minshew, S. Ozonoff, and M. Ghaziuddin.

And behind this curtain we have Autism, the International Journal of Research and Practice, staffed by such capable editors as P. Szatmari, L. Mottron, H. Tager-Flusberg, M. Ghaziuddin, and T. Charman, sporting the scintillating research of L. Mottron, S. Ozonoff, H. Tager-Flusberg, N. Minshew, and T. Charman.

And finally there is the new kid on the block, Autism Research, fresh off its presses introducing the editors G. Dawson, H. Tager-Flusberg, T. Charman, P. Szatmari, S. Ozonoff, N. Minshew, G. Anderson, and A. Bailey, printing the groundbreaking insights of G. Dawson, A. Bailey, N. Minshew, and G. Anderson. (I wonder whose work we might expect to see next.)

As happens in all games of Ring a Ring o’ Roses, each participant exerts a considerable effort, but everyone still falls down in the same place he or she began.

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concerned heart said...

When will people realize that autism is the new(1994) name for schizophrenia and other disorders and realize that advancing paternal age is a major risk factor for the non-familial version? http://autism-prevention.blogspot.com/